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How Girls Live in a Bikini

Written by LA Epic Club Crawls

Swimwear is more than just attire, it’s a lifestyle. Bikini tops, bikini bottoms, one pieces, matching sets or mix and match… No matter the style, they can be worn year-round for any occasion. In coastal cities, swimwear is the new black. In party cities, wherever the group wearing bikinis is heading is where the fun is at! Girls nowadays live in bikinis. We’ve curated a list of events that’ll give you a reason to wear them!

Day Parties: Beachside or Poolside

If you’ve been to major party cities like Las Vegas, Miami, or Cancun, you know day parties at beach clubs are a MUST. They are essential to experiencing the party scene. Could you do it without a bikini? Yes, it’s possible… But you’re sure to stick out like a sore thumb. At these day parties, “less is more” is fully encouraged. Brazilian bandage bikinis are perfect for this occasion and you’ll see a lot of them around as well. They may cause slightly unusual tan lines but that’s the price you pay for looking sexy! And it’s well worth it.

Nightswim Under the Stars

Similarly, nightswim parties are also something that everyone needs to experience at least once. The crisp nighttime air, pool or salt water, coupled with the body heat of your fellow hot party goers and music perfectly curating the vibes...  There’s no other party like it! And that’s why, women always show up and show out with their bikinis. They’re all there for an epic time: look good, feel good, play good!

Business in the Front, Party in the Backyard

Girls having fun in a backyard

The formula for backyard parties and kickbacks include, but is not limited to: barbeques, burgers, brews, beer pong, and of course, bikinis! Whether it’s Fourth of July or just a regular ol’ Saturday spent with friends and family, bikini tops and jean shorts are such a staple look. And for good reason! It’s an outfit that’s both flattering and easy to put together. Not to mention comfortable as well.

And if there’s some kind of pool in that backyard, you know those two piece bikini sets are going to be put to good use. Especially if they’re tie dye– the print that truly encompasses summertime, fun, and sunshine. Two pieces are great for swimming and then drying off quickly, all while looking hot!

Beaches: Where Bikinis are Born

Of course, beaches are the home of bikini-wearing! There’s no better way to get your tan on than in a bikini on the sand. With no obstructions in the way and hopefully clouds amiss, the sunrays can make their way directly onto your skin... Hopefully, your sunscreen-protected skin. Sweat glistening on skin makes girls and guys alike feel extra empowered in their bodies. It’s like being oiled up, except naturally! Or maybe actually oiled up, too… Whether it be in Miami, Mexico, Ibiza, Brazil, Thailand, or Israel, cheeky bikinis and string bikini sets are meant for beaches!

Eat, Sleep, Rave, Bikini!

Swimwear made of bright colors and fun prints are actually multipurpose: they can be used for actual swimming OR as the hottest festival attire and rave outfits. The crowd’s body heat in addition to your own dancing will get your temperature rising in no time. For most festivals, it’s common to wear as little as possible for that very reason. And that’s where bikinis come in perfectly.
You can mix up your festival outfit by wearing a bikini top with a tight skirt, shorts or pants. You could also go the other way around and wear a bikini bottom with a mesh long sleeve and knee-high boots! The possibilities are endless when it comes to dressing up bikinis. EDC, Burning Man, Coachella, Escape, Life is Beautiful, Tomorrowland and many more music festivals are no stranger to fire outfits using bikinis.

Halloween: Dress to Allure

Girls at escape festival

Speaking of Escape, the spirit of Halloween and its debauchery will keep you warm enough to wear a bikini costume. This spooky national holiday is filled with either creative costumes, hilarious ones, or absolutely scandalous outfits. For those feeling scandalous, bikinis are necessary for any costume. Basic colored ones can fit any theme. But the strappier they are, the more alluring you look. They’re also great for layering in case you do get a little chilly and need something over it. Lucky for you, we’ve got options for them all!

And that concludes our list of events where you could wear a bikini. If you didn’t notice, this means you could wear a bikini practically all year round… From spring to summer & even fall to winter, a girl could practically live in a bikini. Grow your collection and make a purchase today. Let’s make swimwear a lifestyle!
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