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How Guys Live in Swim Trunks

Model wearing a blue swim trunk and a hat on a beach

Image courtesy of TonGronigen

When swimwear is comfortable, you’ll never want to take them off — especially when they’re swim trunks. For the men, swim trunks are a staple in any climate. They can be worn year-round, dressed up or down, and come in a seemingly endless array of styles and colors. Next time you have one of these events on your calendar, reach for your trunks to hit the town!

Hit the Beach or Pool

Guy wearing a blue swim trunk on a beach

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The natural time to wear a pair of swim trunks is where they’re bound to get wet. Whether it’s the versatility of boxer brief styles or a minimalist look of basic swim trunks, the beach and poolside are ready to host you. Say cool and ready for a day in the sun in the best choice of clothing! 

When the sun sets on the sand, it’s time to go out on the town. Stepping out into spots on a nightlife crawl in Los Angeles is a perfect transition from day to night fun! An eclectic mix of bars and clubs is ready and waiting to host — especially in your best swim trunks!

Have Fun At the Best Party City Events

America is a haven for day clubs and pool parties. Trunks are a perfect choice for excursions like food tours and club crawls, due to their timeless versatility. All of the best party cities in the country such as Las Vegas, Miami, and San Diego throw the coolest events where men’s swimwear is the chosen attire. Don’t forget to throw on a pair to move between the beach and the hottest nightlife spots in town!

When choosing the best nightlife events to wear swim trunks to, don’t limit yourself to just one! Embarking on nightlife club crawls in cities like Miami are a surefire way to have the best time. Hit the most happening nightclub crawl spots like Vendome and Story, or take the party into the sunlight with Miami pool crawls. Don’t forget to toast on your booze cruise either, as your group moves around the city on a party bus with drinks in hand.

Rock Them at Festivals and Raves

Guys wearing a swim trunk at a festival

Image courtesy of Andrew S

The most iconic festivals happen during the warmer months, and the best raves keep you dancing until you break a sweat. Whether it’s the weather or music that has you moving, swim trunks will keep you cool well into the night. If you plan on walking around a lot, mens swim trunks with compression liner will provide support when dancing and jumping around in time to the music. Plus, the variety of colors and styles means that you’ll always dress on point for the next headliner!

When attending festivals in major cities, it’s important to plan for the fun parts well in advance. After the daytime artists exit the stage, take the festivities from day to night with Las Vegas Club Crawls, where every spot from country bars to EDM clubs are covered.

Create Halloween Costumes

Looking to make a statement on Hallow’s Eve? Pick out those niche trunks to dress up as some iconic characters! Some of the most famous stars wore swim briefs and shorts for their roles, such as Dwayne Johnson in the new “Baywatch” and Daniel Craig in “Casino Royale.” For a bold look, rock a Speedo as a Magic Mike dancer, or try your hand at a “Risky Business” revival with short swim trunks that will enhance even the most creative costumes.

Hit The Gym

The sweat-wicking, moisture-absorbent fabric of a pair of swim trunks is the perfect choice for a gym visit. Lined swim trunks are an especially good choice for more intense workouts. Since you’re guaranteed to sweat, there’s no wrong choice for proper gym attire! This is especially helpful when working out in outdoor areas of the gym, to make going between the indoor and outdoor spots quick and easy.

Enjoy the Best Men’s Bathing Suits in the Game

Men's Striped Short One Piece Red

Image courtesy of We Party Swimwear

There are several occasions for mens swim shorts to make a statement, whether the guys pick staple pieces or colorful patterns for year-round wear. A drawstring waist and attractive cut makes these go-to shorts for all occasions, so it might be best to stock up on several pairs to get the party started in all sorts of settings!

We Party Swimwear is ready to deliver the top mens swimwear collections right to your door. No matter the season, we carry lines of the hottest swimwear of the season to outfit stylish guys that are ready to go out. Grow your wardrobe today!


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